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A level Panjabi 7682

Paper 1: Reading and writing – 42.5% of A’ level

  • Reading & responding to variety of texts. Questions & answers in Punjabi
  • Translation into English
  • Individual research project: reading and responding in Punjabi to an unseen question based on a Punjabi source on one of the research topics that students have researched before the exam:
  • The role of women in Panjabi society
  • Social issues in the Punjab
  • Tourism in the Punjab
  • Partition of the Punjab in 1947

Paper 2: Writing exam – 20% of A’level

2 essays on one text and one film or two texts from the list set in the specification


  • Boota Singh Shaad: Noori
  • Gurmel Singh Bainiwal: Ristian de Rang
  • Mohan Singh: Savee Pattar


  • Asa Nu Maan Watna Da: Manmohan Singh (2004)
  • Jatt and Juliet 2: Anurag Singh (2013)

Paper 3: Listening Reading and writing – 37.5% of A’ level

  • Listening and responding to questions
  • Translation into Punjabi
  • Multi-skill task: listening, reading and responding to an essay question on a listening passage and written source. The response will require analysis, evaluation, personal reaction and drawing a conclusion

Students must study the themes and sub-themes below in relation to the Punjab. They will be using a range of sources, including material from online media.

Social issues and trends

Theme: Aspects of Panjabi-speaking society: past and current trends
Sub-theme: Youth culture

  • Fashion and trends
  • The role of celebrity
  • Traditional versus modern values

Sub-theme: The evolution of the digital world

  • The internet in daily life.
  • Social media – benefits and dangers.
  • The digitalisation of Panjabi society.

Theme: Aspects of Panjabi-speaking society: past and current issues
Sub-theme: Educational diversity and social mobility

  • Ethnic minorities and social mobility
  • Education and career choices
  • Tolerance and respect

Sub-theme: Impact of migration on the Punjab

  • Reasons for migration
  • Advantages and disadvantages for the Punjab.
  • Changing attitudes to migration and settlement.

Political and artistic culture

Theme: Artistic culture in the Panjabi-speaking world past and present
Sub-theme: Festivals and traditions

  • Roots and origins.
  • Social and economic impact.
  • Regional and local heritage.

Sub-theme: Cultural life in the Punjab

  • Music.
  • Television.
  • Cinema.

Theme: Aspects of political life in the Panjabi-speaking world past and present
Sub-theme: Politics in the Punjab

  • Political parties.
  • The electoral process.
  • Demonstrations and strikes.

Sub-theme: Politics and young people

  • Young people and their engagement with politics.
  • Priorities for youth politics.
  • Values and ideals.