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KPSS has been running successfully for over 10 years under the governance of the Slough Sikh School Trust. We have a strong team of professional and dedicated volunteers who have been trained to teach Punjabi to children from 5 to 18 years of age. At KPSS we use mainstream techniques to teach Punjabi and deliver our lessons. Students should find that the approach is similar if not identical to that used in their regular schools, allowing for an easier transition into Punjabi school.

We understand the pressures and dynamics of family life which prevent families from practicing Sikhi so at KPSS we incorporate as much practical exposure to Sikhi as possible. Students will sit together in the Darbar Sahib each Sunday morning to take part in the Ardas, listen to the Hukumnama, recite Simran and Japji Sahib Parth. A short assembly will follow based on Sikh history or relevant current affairs topic linked to Sikhi. Parents and siblings of students are welcome to attend and take part in the assemblies.

Later during the day children will sit within their Sangat and eat langar together. Bringing the children together to become part of the Sangat is an enriching experience and one that provides our students with a practical understanding of the guiding principles of the Sikh faith and a sense of community.

KPSS also offers a self-funded adult class which can provide a refresher for those who have not used their Punjabi skills in some time or, students can start from the basics and build up their skill level. The adult class runs at the same time as the children’s class each week. The class requires 3-4 adults to run, if you are interested in joining please email sundaykpss@gmail.com