At KPSS we are proud to present our students to sit the AQA Punjabi GCSE and A’Level examinations. Students will be informed by the teaching team in January of each year if they are going to be put forward to sit the GCSE or A’Level examination.

The decision is based upon the end of year assessment that the student sits in December and the overall quality of the student’s classwork/homework for the past 1.5 years.

Local Slough students normally sit the examination in their mainstream schools during the summer term. KPSS will make alternative arrangements for those who are not offered the examination at their mainstream school.

Examination Syllabus:



Examination Fees:

If students do not sit their exam at their mainstream school fees will apply to sit the exam at another examination centre. Fees change each year depending on the exam centre and will be communicated to parents and students in January each year.