Can my child turn up, register and start school on the same day?

No, you will need to place your child onto the waiting list. Registration takes place each summer before the next academic year.
There is an exception, if your child has previous Punjabi knowledge they may be requested to sit a test to assess their level. A decision will be made once the results have been received.

Can you give me your syllabus and resources to teach my child at home?

We cannot share our syllabus externally, but you are more than welcome to check the ‘Resources’ tab for help in teaching your child at home.

How much does it cost to enrol my child?

Current fees are £80 per child per year, capped at 3 children.

What does this fee cover?

Staff costs, premises, insurances and resources.

If I decide not to send my child to KPSS after registration can I get my fee back?

No, this is a non-refundable.

Why does registration only take place over a 2 week period?

There is a great deal that goes on logistically to organise registration events and to input all student data into our systems. We need time after registration to complete the administration processes behind the scenes to prepare for the next academic term. Please remember that administrative tasks are completed by volunteers, hence why we request we use their time effectively and efficiently.

My child has special education needs (SEN), can I enrol them?

Please speak to the Senior Leadership Team to discuss your child’s needs in more detail. In the past, we have enrolled students with SEN. If your child has an EHCP please provide this.

What time does school start?

9.45am to 1.30pm.

Are you open all year round?

No, we operate term time only.

Are your staff security checked?


Are your staff first aid trained?

The majority of staff are first aid trained. We run a training session every 3 years to keep skills updated.

Do you provide langar?

Yes, langar is staggered between 12pm and 1pm. Younger students will eat earlier, older students eat later.

What is provided during langar?

Typically one of the following options:
1. daal, sabji and roti
2. pizza, beans and chips
3. pasta
With yogurt and/or a dessert. Please see ‘Langar’ tab for more information.

My child has a food allergy, what do I do?

When registering your child, you will be asked about any allergies. Children are then given a food badge to wear into langar so that all the sevadars are aware of their allergies.
Children should also be taught to be vocal about their allergies and not accept any food in their plate that they know they should not consume.
Where possible the detailed langar provision will be listed on the tab ‘Langar’ and parents can see what is likely to be served. If you prefer to send your child with a nut and meat free alternative you are free to do so.

How much homework will my child receive?

Students will receive approximately 20 minutes of homework each week. Exam classes will receive more.
Summer holiday homework maybe more, but should be split over a number of days/weeks.

Is homework really necessary?

Yes, as it’s either consolidating the learning from the lesson or, it’s the introductory activity for the next lesson.
Repetition and review of work will help your child to remember what they have learnt and move the learning into their long term memory.

My Punjabi skills are weak, how do I support my child with their homework?

We do run an adult class at the same time as the children’s classes. This goes some way in closing the gap.
There are helpful links under the ‘Resource’ tab.
Where possible do get grandparents or extended family involved to assist.

We have a lot of functions on the weekend, how can we accommodate these?

One of the key impediments to learning is non-attendance. We would suggest that children only attend priority functions and for the remainder they attend Punjabi school.

My child has other clubs to attend during the week, how do I balance all the activities?

Each child’s capacity to manage workload is unique. If you have concerns about this issue please speak to the KPSS Leadership Team.

My child is embarking on the 11+ preparation, can I take them out of school during this time?

We allow a child to miss school during Year 5 to allow them to prepare for their 11+ exams. We will hold their place for them when they return in the next academic year. Please note: We can only hold the place for 1 year.
If your child is on a 2 year prep course they will need to go back onto the waiting list.
Many children do not take any time off during the 11+ prep, some take off just the summer term. Please discuss your situation with the Senior Leadership Team for more clarification.

Do I need to notify the school if my child is going to be absent?

Yes, if you are aware that your child will be absent in the coming weeks please speak to the class teacher who will then send you the work that needs to be covered at home.
If your child is sick, please email: sundaykpss@gmail.com letting us know your child’s name, class and reason for absence. The class teacher will then email you any work that needs to be covered during the absence.

What do I do if I need to pick my child up earlier than 1.30pm?

Please keep early pick-up’s to a minimum as classes and learning does continue to 1.30pm.
Come to reception and complete an early pick up form, we will endeavour to have your child ready in reception waiting for you.

What do I do if someone else will be picking up my child?

If someone other than the child’s parents are picking up your child please notify reception in the morning. They will log the details and pass them onto the class teacher. You may be requested to provide a password which the person picking up your child must state to the class teacher before your child is released to them.

We have had a significant event in the family that may affect my child’s behaviour or warrant additional pastoral care and support. What should I do?

Please inform your child’s class teacher or the Senior Leadership Team. We will discuss the best approach to support your child with you.

Does my child need to keep their head covered throughout the school day?

Yes, we recommend that all children were ramaals as they are easier to manage.
Chunni’s are removed at break time for safety reasons.

My child is doing Punjabi at their mainstream school. Is there any conflict between their school and KPSS?

Generally, there are no issues if your child is studying Punjabi at their mainstream school.
If your child is considering choosing Punjabi as a GCSE/A’Level option at their mainstream school please come and speak to the KPSS Leadership Team.

The assembly is too long for my child, can you reduce the duration?

We aim to run assembly for approximately 30 minutes. After consultation with parents it was clear that the value and impact of the Simran, Japji Sahib Parth, Hukumnama and assembly topic is unmeasurable and invaluable.
The onus is on parents to prepare their child to sit quietly and participate in assembly for approximately 30 minutes.
KPSS will try to keep the assembly engaging and on time.

Can we skip the assembly?

We would recommend you give your child an opportunity to mediate on Naam Simran, and do their Japji Sahib Parth with the sangat. For many children this is the first opportunity they get all week to do this. We use a simple analogy, “just like you need to re-charge your technical gadgets, you need to re-charge your soul”.

What do I need to send to school with my child?

Pens, pencils, rumaal, chunni and bottle of water.

Are children allowed snacks during break?

Yes, children are allowed a nut and meat free snack during their break.

I have a concern regarding the school, who do I speak to?

Initially speak to your child’s class teacher, if this is not appropriate or you need to escalate the concern, speak to one of the Senior Leadership Team.

Do you share my data with any external organisations?

Your data will not be shared with external agencies unless requested by the Local Authority for safeguarding reasons.

Do you need more volunteers and teachers?

Yes, please speak to the Operations Team if you’re able to help in any way.

Are KPSS responsible for kirtan class?

No, this is a separate class run by a separate organisation.

Are KPSS responsible for the monthly Khalsa Club?

No, this is run by the Slough Sikh School Trust but the team at KPSS are not responsible for the club.

Are KPSS involved with the Khalsa Summer Camp?

No, this is run by the Slough Sikh School Trust but the team at KPSS are not responsible for the camp.